Human Resource

Start-up HR Operations

  • Set-up HR Operations
  • Instruct new HR staff the “how-to” of HR operations
  • Create personnel files, administrative practices, employment tools, etc.
  • Hire HR staff

Everyday HR Solutions

  • Provide on-going HR Response hotline services
  • Work with leaders on HR strategies
  • Advise or intervene with management on employee relations issues
  • Document disciplinary and termination actions
  • Design orientation programs
  • Respond to unemployment claims
  • Assist in the termination of employees
  • Provide employee and management training

Employee Handbooks

  • Develop practical, understandable, usable handbooks
  • Audit, edit and rewrite current handbooks

HR Practice & Compliance Audits

  • Audit written HR materials, postings, personnel files, handbook, job description, appraisals, employment ads, orientation checklists, and other HR practices for legal compliance and practical application

Harassment Services

  • Conduct harassment investigations and management and employee training

Employment Menu of Services

  • Create standardized employment processes
  • Define job specifications
  • Write and place employment ads
  • Screen resumes
  • Conduct telephone screening interviews
  • Script interview questionnaires
  • Interview candidates
  • Perform reference checks
  • Create offer and rejection letters

HR Mastery Groups

  • Facilitate groups of 10-15 HR professionals at similar experience levels and/or similar size organizations to enhance skills and problem solve issues in an interactive, supportive environment